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American Girl Premiere

James Discovers Math

Math Munchers Deluxe

Math Workshop

Millie's Math House

My Make Believe Castle

Snootz Math Trek

Strategy Challenges of the World Collection 1: Around the World

Strategy Challenges of the World Collection 2: In the Wild

Thinkin' Things 1

Marlene Kliman

My work on the Glass Wall Project weaves together my experiences as a mother of two elementary school-age daughters, a math curriculum writer, an educational software designer, and a woman whose career began in computer science. In the many settings in which I've worked, I've found that all too often, educational games are developed with little or no investigation into children's learning and engagement with these materials over time. As a result, much of the math software available neither engages a broad range of children nor offers them genuine mathematical experiences.

As a parent, I'm increasingly aware of the messages our children receive that enjoyment of math is unfeminine, that girls with math ability are unusual, and that it's simply more appropriate for girls to develop their talents in other areas. These often implicit views prevail in the media, in the toy store, in our schools, and in many homes. We need to make a conscientious effort to involve everyone in significant, relevant, and enjoyable mathematics: in school, and also, through games and toys, through stories and books, and through drawing out the mathematics inherent in everyday life.

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