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Math Munchers Deluxe

Math Munchers screen shot Published by: The Learning Company
Age range: 8-12
Year: 1995
Image © The Learning Company. Used with permission.

Your job in this arcade-style game is to direct a small green character (a Muncher) around a checkerboard labeled with a mathematical expression (e.g., 5 - 4 or 14 / 14) on each square. You need to instruct the Muncher to eat, for example, all the expressions that are equal to 1, while avoiding Troggles (creatures that chase your Muncher). If you are eaten by a Troggle or if you eat an expression that does not fulfill the requirements, you lose one of the 3 Munchers provided to you at the start of the game. If you earn enough points, you get extra Munchers. Play continues until you have lost all your Munchers. After playing three boards successsfully, players view a comical television advertisement. The player chooses the content (whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry, and challenge), the grade level (from 3 through 6), and whether to play with or without Troggles.

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