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Math Heads

Math Heads screen shot Published by: Theatrix
Age Range: 10 - 13
Year: 1996
Image © Theatrix. Used with permission.

This game, like its companion Strategy Heads, uses the colorful, fast-paced, irony-laden look and sound of MTV to teach math problem-solving strategies. You can design a surrogate character for yourself from a menu of heads, bodies and accessories. To play the game, choose from a menu of seven TV stations using a remote control icon. Three of the stations feature math games. Go Mental is a math quiz show in which the player must evaluate the reasoning and accuracy of solutions given by other characters in response to word problems. Dance 'Til You Drop asks you to estimate the answer to a series of number problems by sliding a platform (on which you are standing) along a number line so that its width spans a number range which includes the correct answer. The platform shrinks with time requiring greater precision in estimation. The game ends when the platform vanishes and you fall. In Face the Music you try to beat the clock, matching percentages to equivalent fractions and pictures. As a reward you get to design a music video. Other stations feature infomercials, demonstrations of shortcut solutions to multiplication and division problems, and a shopping channel where players can purchase math games, among other items, with their accrued score credit.

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