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Math for the Real World

Math for the Real World screen shot Published by: Knowledge Adventure
Age Range: 10+
Year: 1997
Image © Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

Your agent at the Make It Big Agency has lined up a 10 city tour for you and your band. (You get to choose the name of the band and the hit song you will be promoting.) All you have to do is "raise your own dough" to "make a killer video." As you tour the country in your van you must earn money by solving word problems (such as which of several gigs to accept in order to make the most money), keep your gas tank full (by solving a geometry-type puzzle) and keep the band members fed (by finding combinations of food that add to an exact amount). The mathematics covered includes logic, fractions, decimals and percents, time, money, charts and maps, geometry, measurement, pattern, and computation. There is a puzzle when you arrive in each of the ten cities (either a timed hand-eye coordination maze or a puzzle that involves playing for a band member by keeping the beat during a song) followed by a chance to buy and design a scene for your video. Making a scene involves choosing a background, placing objects and/or characters in it, and can involve programming those objects to move in particular ways at specified times. You win the game by making enough money to buy ten scenes for your video, which lands you at #1 on the music charts.

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