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M*A*T*H Circus

Math Circus screen shot Published by: Greygum Educational Software
Age Range: Grades K - 8
Year: 1998
Image © Greygum Educational Software. Used with permission.

Marvel the Magician, Captain Blunthead, and daring trapeze artists are just a few of the characters you'll meet once you venture under the big top and into M*A*T*H Circus. When you tend to the sick elephants, you work with measurement, addition, and subtraction to pour the correct amount of medicine for them. In the main ring you sort lions according to size (e.g., line them in a row from biggest to smallest), unlock a cage that houses monkeys by filling in the missing numbers in addition and subtraction equations, and replace a missing bolt from the scaffolding by finding its location on a grid. Another activity involves helping the human cannonball land safely in a bucket of water by adjusting the angle of the cannon, the amount of gunpowder, and the position of the bucket. Several activities offer practice with time and logic: get the ringmaster to the circus by beating all the timed red traffic lights; rescue Marvel the Magician by avoiding the moving monster and dragons that guard him; and help the trapeze artist reach the other platform by timing his leap to the swinging ropes. Many of the games emphasize reasoning and problem solving, and all offer multiple chances to try again until you correctly solve the puzzle. There are twelve different activity areas for you to explore, and five levels of play.

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