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On this site are short descriptions of over 50 games. These descriptions provide a general overview, or flavor, of the game. They explain the goal of the game, the basic gist of the story, and some general ideas of the kinds of activities in the game. Each description also provides (where available):
  • a link to the publisher
  • the suggested age range
  • the year of publication
  • a link to an in-depth review of the same game (Click here for information about our reviews, and a list of available reviews and dialogues.)
  • a link to sample dialogue of children playing the game
  • a link to actual pictures taken from the game (if we have received copyright permission)
  • the minimum system requirements necessary to run the software

This list of software includes mathematical games, and games designed for girls. Most of these games are commercially available. We have included some games no longer on the market for people who have already bought them.

We chose to focus on games in common use in homes and schools. We asked colleagues, teachers, parents, and children to recommend mathematical games, strategy games, educational games, and games popular with girls. We also searched stores and web sites, and continue to do so in order to keep track of newly released games. If you know of a game you'd like to see us review, we'd love to hear about it. Please email us at: glass_wall@terc.edu.

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