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This web site is designed to help parents and teachers explore strengths and weaknesses of the many educational CD-ROMs available today. It offers summaries (see Descriptions of Games) and in-depth reviews of software for children in the elementary and middle grades. We have focused on games that require mathematical or logical thinking, but have also considered games designed for and marketed specifically to girls. An important goal of this project is to identify characteristics of computer games that engage all children in significant mathematical learning. Much of our research has involved observing children playing computer games in pairs or small groups. As they played, we listened to their conversations in order to develop a better understanding of their thinking, learning, and interest in the game.

We have organized our reviews according to the following criteria:

  • Is the game mathematical? This section describes and analyzes the mathematical content of the software.
  • Is the game equitable? This section considers the extent to which the game is appropriate for a wide range of children, with an emphasis on issues of gender equity.
  • Is the game a good game? This section discusses whether the game is an engaging one for children.

For a brief explanation of the above criteria and how you might use them to analyze software, read
"Choosing Mathematical Game Software for Girls and Boys."

For a more in-depth and research-oriented discussion of these criteria, read "What is Mathematical and Equitable Game Software (MEGS)?."

Each review also provides the following more practical information:

  • Publisher information and year of publication.
  • Publisher's suggested age range and our own, when different.
  • Computer platform (MAC, PC, both)
  • A link to a short biography of the reviewer.
  • A link to a short game description. (Click here to read more about our descriptions.)
  • A link to a sample dialogue of children playing the game, when available. (For more on the importance of mathematical talk, click here.)

To see a list of the games for which reviews are available, click here.

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