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Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery

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(No Longer Available)
Published by: Knowledge Adventure
Age Range: 10 to adult
Year: 1996

Dr. Dabble has stolen a brain which he hopes to use to win a medal in the Math Olympics. Your job is to stop him by exploring a house full of math games. Three machines provide you with the missing puzzle pieces. The Equation Maker gives you an equationwith some missing numbers. You choose from a limited selection of numbers to make the equation true. In Kitchen Comparisons you make a given-size stack of jars totalling a specific amount, but you can only place smaller jars on larger jars. (This game is a variation on Towers of Hanoi.) In the Number Guesser you can ask up to ten questions to guess a secret number. Questions include greater than, less than, divisible by, factor of, and odd or even. Then you switch roles and the machine guesses your number. Different characters and objects give you coins which you need to play the math games. Help is available in the form of step-by-step solutions. Once the three puzzle pieces are restored, you find the key to Dr. Dabble's lab. After fighting off some creepy-crawlies with globs of goo, you can enter the lab and save the brain. The mathematics is at the pre-algebra level and includes word problems, logic, order of operations, and number sense.

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