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Math Blaster 1: In Search of Spot

MathBlaster screen shot Published by: Knowledge Adventure
Age Range: 6-12
Year: 1994
Image © Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

Your job in this arcade-style game is to help a small green alien save Spot, who has been kidnapped by the Trash Alien. You direct the alien through four different areas which focus on number sense and computation in one of the following areas: (each with six levels of difficulty) addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, estimation, number patterns. Two of the areas involve solving number problems, one focuses on making equations, and one involves working with the number sequence. Hand-eye coordination plays a large part in this game as you try to zap trash in space and maneuver the alien through caves and into a spaceship through floating garbage and laser beams.

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