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Math Workshop

MathBlaster screen shot Published by: Brøderbund
Age Range: 6 - 10
Year: 1994
Image © Brøderbund. Used with permission.

In this game the player chooses from 7 areas in a math fun house. There are several puzzles (and three levels) within each area. A girl, Poly, presides over the game and functions as helper, offering directions for the games, but no hints to solutions. Three areas offer variations on shape puzzles, all of which require manipulating puzzle pieces, using either picture or shape cues, to complete an image which animates as a reward. In the music room, the player operates a Fractionator machine to match the fractions of a sectioned bar by cutting and pasting a whole bar. The rocket area is based on the classic strategy game, Nim, in which players take turns removing 1, 2, or 3 objects from a set with the goal of removing the last one. In the bowling area, a gorilla bowls a strike every time you correctly complete a round of eight problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equivalency, or estimation. All the game areas but this one provide a choice of three levels; this is the only area that offers the goal of automatic promotion to the next level as a reward. In the design area, the player can use paint buckets to fill in a tiled design.

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