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Mathville Mindway

MathBlaster screen shot Publisher: Ingenuity Works Inc.
Age Range: 8 - 12
Year: 1996
Image © Ingenuity Works Inc. Used with permission.

Step right up to the Mathville Mindway Carnival, where you are greeted by a ferris wheel of choices. Choose freely among the 8 activities, and earn tickets by playing the games. The games cover a wide variety of mathematical ideas. For example, place all of a set of animals (labeled with their weights) on a seesaw so that it balances. Or design T shirts using fractions, shapes, and geometric motions such as flips and turns. Or briefly open the Magic Doors and try to remember how many objects you see. Or design a spinner by painting requested fractional parts, and then using the spinner to explore probability. Once you have earned 100 tickets you can cash them in to see video footage of amusement park rides like roller coasters, but first you have to find different ways to arrange tickets (which come in ones, tens, and 100) into a 100 grid.

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