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Mathville VIP

MathBlaster screen shot Publisher: Ingenuity Works Inc.
Age Range: Grades 6 - 9
Year: 1997
Image © Ingenuity Works. Used with permission.

Welcome to Mathville. This street in a small town has several places to visit: work, the clothing store, the hobby shop, a sports store, a hardware store and a supermarket. You begin this game by going to work: click on a filing cabinet and solve math problems in one of 12 job categories. These jobs (such as box or quilt designer, account balance manager or corporate profits analyst) focus on numerical and logical reasoning, estimation and computation, whole and rational numbers, ratios, time, and geometry ideas. Once you've earned some credits at work, you can explore the rest of town. The sports and hobby shops are places to earn stars while you explore mathematics in a variety of areas (skiing, soccer, baseball, photography, puzzles). You also need to keep your clothing, food, and housing meters above zero by visiting the appropriate stores, deciding what to buy, estimating the cost, and then finding out exactly how many credits you need to pay for those items.

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