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McKenzie and Co.

no screen shot (No Longer Available)
Published by: Her Interactive (PC ONLY)
Age range: 6+
Year: 1995

At the start of this game, you are introduced to your goal: to get a date to the prom. You meet a group of juniors at Madison High and then choose which character (of two) you want to be. The story is presented through video clips of people interacting with each other and with you. (When people talk to you, you respond with one of several possible provided responses.) Your friends ask you which of two guys you want to pursue and then you then live out your character's life, making decisions that affect the direction of the story (such as do you ask him out or wait for him to ask you out?). Going to school, doing homework, or going to work means playing one of four types of games, and working earns you money you can spend at the mall. The majority of games are either concentration-like "find a matching pair" games (to find matching pairs of shoes is your work as one character), or a Tetris-like game set in a particular context (fill the football field with marching band members). There is one video game like game where you must shoot the weeds but not the flowers (science class), and another where you must look at one complete picture and then choose which of nine pictures contain a small enlarged portion of that picture (art class).

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