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Phoenix Quest

PhoenixQuest screen shot Created by: E-GEMS
Age Range: 9 - 14
Year: Not published yet
Image © E-GEMS. Used with permission.

The game starts with an email from Julie asking for your help. She is trapped in a maze, and wants you to help her find her way out. After helping Julie through the maze you receive a map and a chapter of a journal. The journal tells the story of Julie and Darien and their adventures in the Phoenix Archipelago. As they search for the lost phoenix feather, two other characters reveal clues about how to help Julie through email messages. A conversation net allows you to correspond with all four characters to ask questions or learn more about them. The journal incorporates language skills in the form of reading comprehension puzzles at the end of some chapters. Key words (in the form of synonyms and word puzzles) reveal pictures, more chapters, or puzzles. The puzzles cover a range of mathematical topics including fractions, number series, logic, angles, estimating distance, plane coordinates, basic computer programming theory, and gear ratios. The final hurdle is a card game called Strife (similar to the game Magic); if Julie wins she regains the phoenix feather.

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