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Real World Math: Adventures in Flight

RealWorld screen shot Published by: Theatrix
Age Range: 7 - 11
Year: 1997
Image © Theatrix. Used with permission.

In this game you visit an airport and explore the mathematics used in a variety of airport settings: the repair hangar, the service zone, the passenger cabin, the flight deck, and the control tower. Each scene has five areas to visit. In each area you see a Data Demo: a brief explanation and the chance to explore a concept. Then you can choose to take a Data Quiz on the content in order to earn air time and practice what was learned in the Data Demo. The mathematical content includes number, computation, and estimation, patterns (numerical and visual), measurement, volume, and area, reading, creating, and analyzing graphs, reading and analyzing airplane and airport instruments, and analyzing codes such as the letters on baggage, or the airplane code language (alpha for a, bravo for b, etc.). Progressing through the levels earn you more airtime and you graduate to piloting bigger and bigger planes.

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