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Rockett's New School

Rockettscreen shot Published by: Purple Moon
Age range: 8-12
Year: 1997
Image © Purple Moon. Used with permission.

This first in the series of "friendship adventures for girls" from Purple Moon introduces the player to Rockett Movado. Rockett has just moved to Whistling Pines and today is her first day of eighth grade at her new school. The player follows Rockett through her day, taking pictures of the people she meets, and making decisions about how she should act (or react) to a variety of situations. For example, she must decide how she feels about entering the school alone, or about meeting a strange girl by the name of Mavis, who is clearly not a part of "the cool crowd." There are always three descriptions of Rockett's possible attitudes to choose among -- a happy, confident or outgoing Rockett, a shy or depressed Rockett, and a third choice that is somewhere in the middle whether it's annoyed, angry, or just unsure. In addition to listening and responding to the story, you can explore the contents of Rockett's backpack (which contains a camera and photo album, a journal she's writing to the best friend she left behind, an art sketchbook, and a video answering machine) or search through the lockers of teachers and students who appear in the story.

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