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Carmen Sandiego Math Detective

Carmen screen shot Published by: Brøderbund
Age Range: 8-14
Year: 1998
Image © Brøderbund. Used with permission.

This games opens with an animated sequence describing the story line of the game. The notorious villain Carmen Sandiego has used a Quantum Crystallizer to reduce 12 of the wonders of the world to the size of a crystal. Your job, as Agent 9, is to find the crystals and restore the wonders of the world. You must complete six activities in order to collect the passwords needed to save each wonder. (There are five different activities, one must be played twice at each level.) One area focuses on the mathematics of 2-D geometry, for example making a requested shape on a grid and then choosing a name for it from four choices. The other four activity areas focus on number - translating word problems into number sentences and then solving them, refining estimates to computation problems based on ongoing feedback, solving ten multiple choice computation problems in three minutes, and putting a set of (whole, decimal, or fractional) numbers into order from smallest to largest, with restrictions on how you can move them that require the use of logic and strategy. As you retrieve the wonders of the world, the crystals you were holding become gems. Once all 12 wonders have been recovered, you must win a final puzzle by placing the gems in a grid based on their attributes.

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