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Coco's Math Machines Part 1

Coco Math Machines screen shot Published by Times Learning Systems Pte Ltd.
Age Range: 10 - 13
Year: 1997
Image © Times Information Systems Pte Ltd. Used with permission.

Join Coco in a futuristic world where you can build a spaceship, outrun pirates, sell your wares throughout the galaxy, and eat your way through a green turbo-charged food storage machine. Coco's Math Machines Part 1 pairs you with three extraordinary machines that test your mathematical and problem-solving skills. In the Superpipo-numbocruncher you assist Figari, Engineer Superior, as he tries to build a deepspace vehicle. In the process of piecing the various components of the machines together, you practice division, multiplication, number sequences with greater than and less than signs, and order of operations. Then journey to the 31st century with the Cosmoeco-simutrader, where you use addition, subtraction, and budgeting to buy and sell machine parts, maintain a crew, save money, and shoot down rogue pirates. Once you've worked up an appetite with all these adventures you can try your hand at the Gastrodeci-fractogerator -- a huge green refrigerator that spits out fraction and decimal math problems (4/13 ( 6/1 = ?; 2/3 x 3/7 = ?).

See also Coco's Math Machines Part 2

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