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Coco's Math Machines Part 2

Coco Math Machines screen shot Published by Times Learning Systems Pte Ltd.
Age Range: 10 - 13
Year: 1997
Image © Times Information Systems Pte Ltd. Used with permission.

Design a sports car, mine for jewels, unlock ancient gates, repair car batteries, and feed lizards -- all while practicing math skills. At the Gates of Numberado, you and Coco help archaeologist Dr. Samonati unlock the gates by rearranging rows of even, odd, and prime numbers. The Switches of Chartington reveal statistics in the form of a table that you must match with a bar graph. If you fancy yourself an aviator, the Airship Probaberg needs a navigator on its search for buried jewels: select a square, figure out the probability of finding a jewel or other object buried beneath, then steer your ship onward. In the Factor Hatchery farmer Minoti asks you to select a number, then its multiple (4 with 8; 8 with 32); a correct answer opens up a slot into which an egg drops. At the Numbo-jumbo Garage, you rearrange numbers on batteries to fulfill the conditions specified (e.g., rearrange the numbers 5-7-4-8-1 to form the largest possible value). In the Castle Transformania, hungry lizards line a large grid with several pieces of candy dropped on it; you must move the pieces (rotate them at right angles; move them up, down, to the left or right; or flip them horizontally or vertically) to put them in line with the lizards' sticky tongues. Finally, rev up your engine at the Percenza Grand Prix, where you and Coco fashion a race car that is superior to your opponent's by considering multiple design variables (temperature, balance, and speed). Like the other games in the Coco's Math Series, Math Machines Part 2 offers more than one level of play, rich graphics, and multiple chances to solve the puzzles.

See also Coco's Math Machines Part 1

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