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Coco's Math Project 1

Coco Math Project screen shot Published by Times Learning Systems Pte Ltd.
Age Range: 4 - 10
Year: 1998
Image © Times Information Systems Pte Ltd. Used with permission.

Coco the dinosaur and Master Dandi decide to take a trip on Puffy the Spaceship. They end up in an underwater world where they make friends with Alex and Betty. The group travels to four different parts of this new world -- Numbers, Sets, Shapes, and Weight -- to solve a wide variety of math problems. In the Numbers world, activities include arranging numbered train cars into number sequences and equations, diffusing a dangerous bomb with the secret code, and counting fireworks. In the Sets world, you reason about similarities and differences in order to collect fish into groups (e.g., small fish with big fish, green fish with red). In the Shapes world you work with patterns and geometrical shapes. In Balance the Weight, in the Weight world, you place weights on one side of a balance to even out the other side, while in Crossing the River you solve a complex problem that involves getting an egg to roll across a river. With math activities that explore matching, classification, addition, subtraction, multiplication, reasoning, number sequences, fractions, equations, and geometry, this game covers a lot of territory. You are rewarded with verbal praise ("Good job") and a lollipop when you solve a problem, and eventually stars (the number you earn depends on how well you solve the problems).

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