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Coco's Math Project 2

Coco Math Project screen shot Published by Times Learning Systems Pte Ltd.
Age Range: 4 - 10
Year: 1998
Image © Times Information Systems Pte Ltd. Used with permission.

Travel with Coco and friends as they explore the Underwater City. You can shop in Grundi's General Store, where you assist Betty in helping her Uncle Grundi add up prices and give customers their correct change. In the Game of Nim you aid Coco in outsmarting a greedy pirate by picking out gems from a treasure chest. And you can use your knowledge of fractions to help Chef Fratinelli catch unfinished pizzas that fall from the sky. These and other adventures await you in the Underwater City's six areas -- Money, Shapes, Measurements, Supermath, Numbers, and Sets. In many of the activities you receive several chances to correctly complete the puzzles, and can play at three different levels of difficulty. Math content includes measurement, classification, geometrical shapes, addition, subtraction, and sequencing.

See also Coco's Math Project 1

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