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Counting on Frank

Counting on Frank screen shot Published by: The Learning Company/Creative Wonders
Age Range: 8-12
Year: 1994
Image © The Learning Company. Used with permission.

The characters in this game are trying to figure out the number of jellybeans in a jar in order to win a trip to Hawaii. You guide Henry and his dog, Frank, through the neighborhood in search of mathematical word problems, which, when solved correctly, provide a clue about the number of jellybeans. Henry provides a notebook for keeping track of clues, and a calculator for solving the word problems. In addition to the jelly bean task, there are four stand-alone games located in throughout the neighborhood: The Math Machine, Concentration, Magic Numbers, and the Geomotron. Some of these games may be familiar from non-computer settings. All four games encourage strategy and planning. The first three focus more specifically on number, arithmetic, and computation, while the fourth focuses on spatial relationships. The game also features many entertaining click-ons, including some fun old movie clips.

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