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Escape from Dimension Q

Dimension Q screen shot Published by: Headbone Interactive, Inc.
Age Range: 10 to adult
Year: 1996
Platform Information: Mac or PC
Image © Headbone Interactive, Inc. Used with permission.

This is a game with a strong story. The game features a young heroine (Iz) and her robot (Auggie) who are on a mission to recover their stolen music from villains in the futuristic city of Dimension Q. Your goal is to help them navigate the city and solve puzzles in order to save agents and rescue their music. The puzzles involve a range of problem solving and critical thinking skills, including logical and spatial reasoning, following directions, planning and sequencing, unscrambling visual, written, aural, and musical messages, and recognizing sounds. Some puzzles involve time pressure and hand-eye coordination while others allow unlimited time to find a solution. Much of the the program involve long stretches of story animation, alternating with puzzles the player must solve to overcome obstacles in the plot.

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