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Geometry Blaster

Geometry Blaster screen shot (No Longer Available)
Published by: Knowledge Adventure
Age Range: 10 to adult
Year: 1996

The Geometrons are trying to reduce the land of Dimensia from 3 dimensions to 2. Andi (an earth girl) and Zoid (a native of Dimensia) need your help to collect the five missing pieces of the Dimension Machine and save the planet. Each of the five pieces is located in a different area. The Capitol Building contains a Concentration game where you match figures and their names. You climb up the N-Gon Mountains by correctly answering multiple-choice questions. You practice estimating angles in the Pit of Dispair as you bouce a beam off the walls to hit a target. In the Building of Truth, shapes are sorted according to whether they fulfill a given statment (such as "the interior angles add up to 360 degrees") or not. In the Proof Palace you will find geometric proofs in which the statements are out of order and you need to match them to their reasons. Once you reach the Dimension Machine you need to visualize how pieces fold up into a cube in order to put them in their proper slot. The game claims to cover an entire year of high school geometry. The background information for the puzzles and other topics are covered in an online Geometry Handbook which offers 52 lessons as well as practice problems. Other online references include a glossary, a list of theorems, geometric constructions, a calculator, a geoboard, and tangrams.

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