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CampOS Math

CampOS Math screen shot Game is now on two CDs:
CD1: Fractions
CD2: Exploring Numbers
Published by: Pierian Spring Software
Age Range: Grades 5 - 8
Year: 1996
Image © Pierian Spring Software. Used with permission.

Pierian CampOS is designed like a university campus with different buildings for each of 6 subjects, a library, a student union and an administration building, which provides a database for teachers to keep track of students' progress. CampOS Math covers just the mathematics building; other subjects are forthcoming.

The CampOS Math building (shaped like a giant 3-dimensional number three) is set up like a museum with interactive and non-interactive displays. The non-interactive displays discuss the development of calculating machines and the people involved. The interactive exhibits cover a variety of mathematical concepts. In the Color Mixer, you can explore mixing colors of light (red, green, and blue), percentages, and ratios. In the Classifier, you investigate natural, whole, integer, rational, and irrational numbers, and you can use the primes less than 100 to make and break coded numbers. Operation Zap provides you with numbers between which you need to insert operators [+,-, x, /, yx, and ()] to make equations true. In the Number Cruncher, you reduce fractions by finding common factors. The Mystic Sorter has you sort playing cards with positive and negative dollar amounts. In the Fraction Transporter you explore inequalities with natural, interger, and rational numbers. In the Fractionator, you explore the relationship between the numerator and denominator. The Power and Rational Readers offer shorter explorations with square numbers, positive and negative exponents, scientific notation, adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers, multiplying fractions, Sierpinski's triangle, and multiplying positive and negative numbers.

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