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Screen Shots from
Carmen Sandiego Math Detective

© Brøderbund. Used with permission.

Atom Smasher
In this game you have 3 minutes to answer 10 questions. Click on one of the four rotating balls to answer.

© Brøderbund. Used with permission.

Crime Wave Sensor
Estimate the answer to what + 17 = 75 by selecting a number from 88 to 186. The game will then tell you whether you are too high or too low, and block out the affected choices.

© Brøderbund. Used with permission.

Molecular Scope
The equations in this puzzle form a sort of crossword diagram. The total '5' in the first problem (20 - 15 = 5) will be one of the addends in the second equation.

Microchip Decoder
Connect the dots on the geoboard to create the figure specified in the upper righthand window "Create a 3-sided shape with Point D as one vertex. This figure must have one angle larger than a right angle."

© Brøderbund. Used with permission.


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