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Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets

Super Solvers screen shot Published by: The Learning Company
Age Range: 7-12
Year: 1996
Image © The Learning Company. Used with permission.

This game begins with an animated sequence introducing the game goal. Morty, the Master of Mischief, wants to be the head scientist of the Shady Glen Technology Center. He wants to control all the research that goes on so that no one will get smarter than him. Your job, as a Super Solver, is to challenge him to a scientific duel of wits and become the head scientist. You must win 15 different races by consulting plans, finding the correct parts, and building faster vehicles (autos, aircraft, or vehicles powered by alternative engery). The parts are hidden in boxes in the warehouse, where you must avoid the mechanical monkeys (you can also choose to play without these) and solve science puzzles in order to open doors and find the parts. The puzzles include content such as magnetism, using gears, completing a circuit to turn on a light, building machines from parts, placing a weight in order to balance a scale, energy (mechanical, thermal, electrical, and nuclear), and shooting objects of different size and weight into a hole given a certain amount of gravity.

For another game in the Super Solver Series see Super Solvers Outnumbered.

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