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no screen shot Published by: Nicholson NY
Age Range: 6-12
Year: 1996

This game begins with an interactive story that introduces Mimi Smartypants, the main character, who will be spending the summer at her Aunt Olive's. You are then in Aunt Olive's town, and can freely explore 11 different areas, such as Aunt Olive's house, backyard, and garage, the Pan Cake Hut where Aunt Olive works, the Pix Theater, the Dollar Dream, the Flaky Sno-Kone Man, or the Heavenly Hardware store. Each area provides another piece of story and then lets you explore. Most have a variety of click-ons and some type of activity. For example, in the Pix Theater you can watch a short cartoon. In other areas you can design jewelry, buy ice cream, or match shapes to outlines.

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