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SimTown screen shot Published by: Maxis
Age Range: 8-12 and 6+ (box says both)
Year: 1995
Image © Maxis. Used with permission.

Like SimCity but on a smaller scale, SimTown allows you to build streets, houses, businesses, public services and parks. As time moves forward, the game shows the consequences of your decisions. People move about the streets and you can learn about their jobs, favorite things, and what they think about the town. They may wish there was more work, so you can add another business. You can click on the businesses too and find out their economic health. If there are too few employees, you may want to build some more houses, so that more people move into town. All of this growth is balanced by the natural resources. You can monitor the lumber, water, and food supply and may need to take action if things get too depleted or polluted.

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