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Operation Neptune

Neptune screen shot Published by: The Learning Company
Age Range: 9 - 14
Year: 1995
Image © The Learning Company. Used with permission.

A Galaxy capsule was doing research in space when it broke into pieces and crashed into the ocean, leaking toxins into the surrounding water. Your job is to recover the data capsules by guiding a submarine through an underwater maze and using technological equipment to deal with the hazards you encounter. Hand-eye coordination and time pressure are factors as you maneuver around obstacles and stun fish with ink pellets. Peridocally you receive messages (math problems) about things such as the sub's location and speed relative to other objects, or about the food and water supply. Solving these story problems allows you to progress in the game. The math problems include reading and analyzing graphs and data, working with numbers and operations, and solving problems about temperature, rounding, and rate of change. There are 5 zones (levels) in the game, and in order to advance to a new zone you must complete the previous zone.

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