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My Make Believe Treasure Isle

My Treasure Isle screen shot Published by: Logo Computer Systems, Inc. (PC only)
Age Range: 6 - 9
Year: 1996

The island in My Make Believe Treasure Isle is a set of connected scenes -- a beach, a pirate ship, a cave, a lagoon, a rainforest, and a tree house. Players create animations in these scenes from a selection of characters (e.g., a dragon, a pirate, a captain, children), and actions (e.g., jump, run, swim, talk) and emotions (e.g., sad, angry, happy). Players can mark out a path for the characters to follow and place small pictures along the way indicating what the characters will do. Creating animations involves the mathematics of logical thinking, sequencing, and reasoning about spatial relationships -- content that is receiving increasing emphasis in schools today. Each scene also has an activity such as solving a tangram puzzle, leading a character to a treasure, or creating a rhythm. See also My Make Believe Castle for a similar game for slightly younger children.

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