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Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Nancy Screen Shot Published by: HerInteractive.com (PC ONLY)
Age Range: 11+
Year: 1998
Image © HerInteractive.com. Used with permission.

This game -- marketed to girls -- is a mystery based on the Nancy Drew novels. You play the role of Nancy, visiting your Aunt in Florida. The game starts when a student at the high school is killed and you are called in to investigate. You search for clues by engaging other students in conversation, collecting objects, deciphering messages, and doing research in the library. The detailed three-dimensional enviroment is full of clues, but that doesn't mean the mystery is easy to solve. Some actions must be performed in the correct order (for instance, you have to find the locker combination in order to get the jackknife that you will need later), but only a few require careful timing. Reasoning skills and logic are required to decipher the many coded messages which appear in Morse code, Braille, sign language, alpha-numeric codes, and mirror-writing among others. There is usually a key available somewhere in the game. Other help is available in the form of phone calls to your friends back home (Bess, George, and Ned) who offer hints.

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