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My Make Believe Castle

My Castle screen shots Published by: Logo Computer Systems, Inc.
Age Range: pre K - 2nd grade
Year: 1998

My Make Believe Castle is a computer environment for imaginative play and animation. Children populate a castle and its grounds with characters (e.g., witch, dragon, jester) and bring them to life with actions and emotions (e.g., jump, dance, become angry, shrink, do a somersault when you meet the princess). Creating animations involves the mathematics of logical thinking, sequencing, and reasoning about spatial relationships -- content that is receiving increasing emphasis in schools today. The program also offers several activities, involving problem-solving and design. While My Make Believe Castle is accessible to pre-readers, it's also rich enough to offer challenge for older children, especially those drawn into the fantasy castle world and enthused about creating their own stories. See also My Make Believe Treasure Isle for a similar game for slightly older children.

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