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Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry

© Edmark. Used with permission.

These are the five main buildings on the planet. Each one houses a different activity.

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Navigate through the maze collecting gems. Correctly answer a question to open a door. The question for this door is:
"AB is 6 units long. Find the perimeter of square ABCD.
36 units
24 units
6 units
12 units"

© Edmark. Used with permission.

The Library building has reference materials and a quiz (shown here).
"A line segment is...
a geometric figure formed by two rays with a common endpoint.
a line that intersects two or more lines.
a part of a line with two endpoints."

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Assemble a robot by selecting a missing piece (in this case, a body). A mechanical arm will place the body at a random spot on the grid. Type in the coordinates for the proper location of the piece (a green dot indicates the correct place).

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Create your own tesselations. You can choose and modify a shape. You can also choose a section of a photograph to fill your shape. The game then creates the complete tiled picture.

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