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Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry

Cosmic screen shot Published by: Edmark
Age Range: 12 - 14
Year: 1996
Image © Edmark. Used with permission.

On route to Cartesian space, your spaceship is pulled onto Planet Geometry; all of the mathematicians have left and the residents need your help. Planet Geometry consists of 5 buildings in a walled plaza. You travel from building to building in a small vehicle rather like a tank. In one building you navigate through a maze, answering questions in order to open doors and collecting gems. The many different levels cover geometry topics such as: area, volume, congruence, and supplementary and complementary angles. Questions generally have a multiple-choice answer. Another building, the Geometry Academy, lets you look up definitions as well as answer questions. The robot construction building covers topics in coordinates (location on a Cartesian grid) and transformations (slides, flips, and rotations). A tessellation building also deals with transformations and patterns. The GeoMovies building provides a work area for geometric constructions, which can then be played back as a movie. You can also roam the plaza itself. Among the trees are display areas where you can "publish" the tessellations, geomovies, and robot dances you have created.

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