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Anno's Learning Games

No screen shot available (No Longer Available)
Published by: Putnam New Media
11490 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 130
Reston, VA 22091)
Age Range: 6-10
Year: 1994

This game, hosted by Kriss and Kross, was inspired by the well-known children's author Mitsumasa Anno's book, Anno's Math Games. There are 7 different areas to choose among. Several allow for free exploration as well as the opportunity to do a more directed task. For example, in one activity you can use 5 geometric pieces (annograms) or 7 geometric pieces (tangrams) to design a picture, or you can use them to fill in the outline of a picture that is provided by the game. Other activities include weighing a variety of objects, directing a character around the screen to catch water balloons, designing a deck of cards or playing a strategic card game, designing characters which the game then uses to make into a story, and playing Guess My Rule by placing objects in one of two Venn diagram circles or by answering questions asked by a guessing machine.

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