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Thinkin' Things 2

No Thinkin2 screen shot Published by: Edmark
Age Range: 6-12
Year: 1994

Thinkin' Things Collection 2 offers players a menu of five activities. These are Oranga Banga's Band, 2-3D Blox, Snake Blox, Frippletration and Toony's Tunes. Most of these activities offer either a free play mode or design option and some include more directed tasks through the question and answer mode. For example in Oranga Banga's Band, you can hear the band play, change their instruments, hear some rhythmic compositions and design your own rhythm sequences in the create mode. In the question and answer mode, you are invited to listen to the band and answer questions such as "Which line did I play" and "Who played that?" While Oranga Banga's Band focuses on developing rhythmic creativity, reading and writing rhythmic patterns and enhancing auditory patterns, other activities focus on content such as 2D and 3D, spatial awareness, visual perception, auditory memory and identifying matching attributes.

See Thinkin' Things 1 and Thinkin' Things 3 for other games in this series.

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