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Let's Talk about Me

Let's Talk screen shot Published by: Knowledge Adventure
Age Range: 13+
Year: 1997
Image © Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

This game bills itself as "The Original Girl's Interactive Handbook for the 21st Century." There are four areas to choose from. My Personality contains ten different quizzes which cover topics such as relationships with parents, friends, and boys, what your favorite colors, shapes, and objects say about you, and famous women in history. In My Body you can: design the ultimate outift or hairstyle; take a health quiz; hear embarassing and true stories from adolescent girls and experiment with how different decisions affect the outcome; learn about different parts of the body, the nutrients they require, and the kinds of foods that provide those nutrients; meet and learn about a variety of girls who play different sports; and explore the "perils of puberty" by learning about what happens to girls' and boys' bodies during this time. My Future contains activities about predicting the future - experimenting with biorhythms, horoscopes, interpreting dreams and reading palms. My Life has a diary, a scrapbook, an address book and a planner, an area for getting online, a place to meet and get to know mentors and/or penpals, and an area of puzzles and games.
(See also, Let's Talk about Me Too.)

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