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InventorLabs: Technology

InventorLabs screen shot Published by: Houghton Mifflin Interactive
Age Range: 10+
Year: 1997
Image © Houghton Mifflin Interactive. Used with permission.

This game opens with text about the great inventions throughout history, and the process of how they came to be (an idea, lots of experimentation, perserverance, etc.). You then find yourself in a gallery of great inventors. The gallery provides basic information on three: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and James Watt. The player chooses which inventor to learn more about, and then visits his workshop or laboratory. The inventor introduces himself and invites you in, but then must continue on with his work while you explore. There are many things to click on which provide either more information (patents, plans, pictures, a movie, inventions and experiments) or the opportunity to experiment with an invention using a variety of tools (rotate, operate, zoom, reveal, and load).

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