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Barbie Fashion Designer

No screen shot Published by: Mattel Media
Age Range: 6 and up
Year: 1996

Barbie Fashion Designer opens with a greeting and an invitation: "Hi, I'm Barbie. Let's make some fun clothes for me to wear." Barbie then walks you through the nine different areas of the game. First, you pick "a theme to design an outfit for." (Choose among Dream Date, Totally Trendy, Party Surprise, Cool Careers, Vacation Fun, and Wedding Fantasy.) You then visit the clothing, accessories, fabric design, and color workshops to choose and design an outfit for Barbie to wear. You can preview the outfit you've designed in a dressing room or see Barbie model it on a runway in a "glamorous fashion show." Finished outfits can be named and saved in the closet, or laser printed on special fabric to be made into actual clothes for a real Barbie doll. In addition to making clothing, the game will also print your outfit as a coloring book page, either by itself, or as part of the cover of a fashion magazine.

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