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Screen Shots from
Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

© Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

From this screen select one of 9 areas (or puzzles) of Dr. Brain's brain to restore.

© Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

Reconstruct the design at the top by adding blocks to the three levels (grids) at the left. The image at the bottom right shows your progress in 3 dimensions. You can rotate both 3-D images to make sure they match.

© Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

Here we see one level of a three-level maze. Move from one adjacent stone to the next, travel through the yellow, orange, or blue tubes to another spot, or move up a level with the blue arrows.

© Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

As a card with a hidden picture appears in the top bar, a voice names the letter of the alphabet which is hidden on that card. Once you place the card in the grid below, its picture, a sign language representation of that letter, is revealed. The object is to match two (or more) of the same letters horizontally or vertically. When you do, they disappear.

© Knowledge Adventure. Used with permission.

Using simple commands (move, turn right, turn left, wait, and pick up), instruct Dr. Brain to move through the maze and collect the brains while avoiding obstacles. At higher levels you can also create subroutines.

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