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Screen Shots from
Mighty Math Calculating Crew

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Each super hero offers a different activity.

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Use the number line to help you type in the number above the object you wish to retrieve.

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Use the stamps provided (the tool bar across the top) to decorate the net so that it will fold into a cube exactly like hte one shown (top left). The cube can be rotated in order to inspect all sides.

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Share the apples (299 of them) among the 23 aliens by handing out groups of 10 apples (or single apples) to each.

© Edmark. Used with permission.

Use $45.80 to buy this hero 1 Seizma Zipper and 1 Glue Globber.

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