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Student Journals


Today I Played:My Rating:Comments:
Nine Men's Morris4it's cool but it gets boring
Mancala5it's stupid


Today I Played:My Rating:Comments:
Strategy Challenges2I love the game but the animals talk too much.
Math Blaster1I love the graphs and levels.
Math Heads1It is a very funny game.
Zoombinis1I love figuring out games.

Some students dictated their comments to researchers.


Today I Played:My Rating:Comments:
Math Heads1"realistic"; "stay tuned for math heads then commercial"; "you don't have to do everything - you can save and start again."
Dimension Q3"Because -> it was really hard- probably the hardest game in the room - time was up (3:45) my dad was here."
Operation Neptune3 (2.5)"I think it is a really good game because- you do math. Even though it looks like you just shoot things and blow things up they don't tell you anything..."

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