Co-Director Mary Berle-Carman is a senior research associate and curriculum developer at TERC. Her focus on the Closing the Gap project has been to develop and implement in school single gender clubs for girls and boys. She co-authored third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade Investigations in Number, Data, and Space ™ units. Additionally she did evaluation research for the project conducting numerous pre- and post- student interviews and analyzed the results. Before working on Investigations, Mary conducted evaluation and developed curriculum for the National Geographic KidsNetwork project -- an elementary hands on science curriculum which uses telecommunications. She is a certified teacher for grades 1-9.
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Co-Director Lisa Yaffee (through 11/96) is a teacher development specialist. On two NSF-projects, Investigations in Number, Data, and Space and Teaching to the Big Ideas, she mentored classroom teachers as they engaged in implementing new curriculum and exploring new ways of teaching mathematics. Prior to her teacher development work, Lisa was a classroom teacher who conceived of and implemented after-school math clubs for fifth- and sixth-grade girls.

Dr. Jan Mokros is the Principal Investigator of the Closing the Gap: Math Clubs for Girls project. She oversaw project design and implementation. She is the director of TERC's Math Center, and the PI of TERC's other NSF-funded math and gender project "Through the Glass Wall: Computer Games for Mathematical Empowerment." She directs the large-scale teacher development project "Bridges to Classroom Mathematics" and led the research and evaluation effort for the elementary mathematics curriculum, Investigations in Number, Data, and Space. A developmental psychologist, she investigated gender differences in children's attitudes towards math at Wellesley College's Center for Research on Women.

Special thanks to our pilot teachers and their students:

The Stockbridge Plain School, Berkshire Hills Regional School District (MA)
Patricia Archey, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Amy Bozek, Fourth-Grade Teacher
Roberta Shearn, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Mary Sorrentino, Fourth-Grade Teacher
and the ongoing support of administrators Joyce Butler (Principal) and Linda Day (Superintendant)

Tobin School, Boston Public Schools (MA)
Liz Sweeney, Fifth-Grade Teacher

Maria Hastings School, Lexington (MA)
Tom Banaszewski, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Amber Grau, Three/Four Teacher
Pam Mericantante, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Kristen Rademacheer, Three/Four Teacher
Drue Secrist, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Margie Singer, Third-Grade Teacher
Judy Steron, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Cindy Zmijewski, Third-Grade Teacher
and Rick Rogers (Principal)

Special thanks also to:

Cathy Miles Grant (TERC) for her ongoing interest in this work and her invaluable insight with regard to thinking through the importance of including boys in interventions designed to better support girls.

Alice Madio (Winchester Public Schools Teacher) for supporting us in thinking about equity issues during the initial pilots of Investigations units almost five years ago.

Kim O'Neil for designing this Web site because it was important to her.

Lila Berle for providing lots of childcare cheerfully when Mary Berle-Carman worked at the Plain School in Stockbridge.

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