Vivian Chikezie wrote this essay one year after participating in a girls math club at the Tobin School under the direction of Liz Sweeney (formerly Liz Miller).

Courage In My Life!
by Vivian Chikezie
Grade 6
Tobin School, Boston
Spring 1997

A time I had courage was in my fifth grade math class. We were doing a really hard math problem, so Ms. Miller told us to work in groups. The girls got together in one giant group. We couldn't come up with an answer for a long time so Ms. Miller gave us a little hint about the problem. That is when we started getting answers.

We had our answers ready to explain, but the boys kept making fun of us. When it was our turn everyone was silent, all except the boys, because under all that silence you could hear the boys' remarks, saying that we are dumb and stupid and that we will get the answer wrong. It was still our turn, but nobody said anything.

The teacher kept saying, "Your answer, please." Under their breath, the boys called us idiots, so I stood up and gave our answer, and then I said, "Look who is talking, boys!" Even though it didn't take a lot of courage, I'm glad I had a little bit inside of me!!!!!!!!!!

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