We asked students this question after they had participated in a single-gender math club for 16 weeks. This is a representative sample of students' written responses to the question "Do you like being with all girls or all boys once a week for math club? Why or why not?"

From Girls:

It's fun being with girls. I like it because we're with friends that can help us out with teasing because they know how we feel.

I do like being with all girls because the boys don't take over the whole thing. You feel more confident in yourself.

I like being with all girls because if you do something wrong the boy will tease you that you did that. I feel like I can do anything without being teased.

Yes, because more people raise their hand and they are not as shy.

Yes very much because if I answer and the question is wrong, at least one boy will make fun of me. But that doesn't happen when I'm with just girls.

I like being with all girls because sometimes the boys might make fun of you if you make a mistake, but most of the time girls won't.

Yes, I do like being with all girls in math class because boys seem to talk out a lot.

I like being with all the girls because you get to be called on more. And you get to have your opinion about things.

Yes, I do like it with all girls because girls might know the answer and sometimes they don't raise their hand like me.

I like working with all girls because boys get on your nerves sometimes when they say "yes" out loud when they get things right, and for example, if your teacher says something about girls in colonial times didn't have much power, all the boys cheer and do other stupid things, and it doesn't make the girls feel good, and girls don't do that, and I feel I get more things accomplished when boys aren't around.

From Boys:

I like being with all boys. There are no girls and I work better with boys.

Yes, I do like being in a class with all boys.

I do not really care.

Yesery! I Surely do! Because boys are cool.

Yes. Most of my friends are in Math Club. Girls usually have different opinions.

Yes because some girls can be annoying if they don't know a problem.

Yes because you can talk with boys easily about math.

Yes, because girls are annoying and don't know much. They have different thoughts and try to be Mr. Perfect.

I like being with all boys because I feel more comfortable.

I like being with girls as well as boys because I have some friends that are girls.*

* I think it would be good if you had a referee.

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