This list is not intended to be comprehensive. Teachers who have led math clubs report the following resources have been extremely helpful for them.


American Association of University Women (1992). How Schools Shortchange Girls. Washington, DC: AAUW Educational Foundation and NEA.

Odean, Kathleen. (1997). Great Books for Girls: More than 600 Books to Inspire Today's Girls and Tomorrow's Women. New York. Ballentine Books.

Sadker, M., and Sadker, D. (1994). Failing at Fairness: How America's Schools Cheat Girls. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

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Stein, N., Gaberman, E., and Sjostrom, L. (1996). Bully Proof: A Teacher's Guide on Teasing and Bullying for use with Fourth and Fifth Grade Students. Wellesley, MA. Wellesley Center for Research on Women. (Call 617-283-2510 or 283-2532)


WEEA (Women's Educational Equity Act) Equity Resource Center at EDC catalog. This center, located in Newton, MA, is a national resource center for gender-fair multicultural education. To order a catalog call 1-800-793-5076

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